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Choosing A Registered ElectricianMany people consider visible things like TV’s, Beds, Sofa, Cooker, Games Consoles and other gadgets and furnishings to be the most important things in our homes, and overlook the other vital components that are not always, or even visible.

For instance, the wiring buried in your wall, hidden behind the plasterboard, or running through your attic or underground to an outbuilding, is often never seen, and often electrical danger potential is underestimated. One wrong addition to a circuit, incorrect wiring, ill-fitting lights and lack of electrical protection for these aforementioned, but not exhaustive list, could result in serious consequences including fire or even death.

Electrical work is one of the most dangerous jobs to undertake in the home and the necessity to hire someone who’s competent, qualified, safe and able, far outweighs getting someone in who isn’t quite sure of what they are doing to “save a few quid” and as a result of doing this, could have catastrophic consequences.
Electrical Fire

Collated data from adults in the UK showed the following results from their thought processes and outcomes when it came to choosing an electrician to complete works for them.

Cost - Effort - Risk


Almost a third of people admitted they would opt for an unregistered electrician for cash saving purposes.

Money Savings


More than a third of people said they would be happy with an average saving of around £50.

fix poor quality electrical work


Just under a third of people UK adults, which equates to about 16 million people, have had to fix poor quality electrical work with an average repair bill of around £750

What Is A Registered Electrician

A Registered Electrician has to meet the strict qualification requirements and are regularly assessed by their scheme provider. Here at SWES Ltd our Scheme is NICEIC Approved Contractor and we have an annual inspection. They are legally qualified to carry out the most complex types of electrical work, including rewiring a circuit or installing a new Consumer Unit / Distribution Board and being able to sign off their own work as safe.

Considerations When Choosing A Registered Electrician

You Will Save Money first and foremost if anything goes wrong. All Registered Electricians are insured, so you are protected if anything goes wrong at all.

If is far Safer. All their work is regularly assessed and they all have to work to the BS7671 Safety Standard so you are safe in the knowledge you are going to get a good job.

Offering You Peace Of Mind as all UK Registered Electricians are regulated by the UK Government so you can be assured all work is being executed above board.

You Have More Options with a Registered Electrician as they have to be registered with a Government Approved Scheme in order to carry out certain electrical work.

What Should You Do When Choosing An Electrician

Be clear about the work that you want undertaking on larger more complex projects and where possible do a pre-quote survey or at least meet with the Electrician if going off plans.

Check the Electrician is in fact registered with Government Approved Schemes such as NICEIC or NAPIT as this allows, as said previously the Electrician to sign off his own work, and this is particularly beneficial when you are needing work carried out which comes under the Building Regulations. Your Registered Electrician can take care of this on your behalf and notify your Local Authority before the work has started.

Find an NICEIC Contractor

Feel free to ask for references and check the Electrician has Public Liability Insurance of at least £2 million (as this is an industry standard minimum for a Registered Electrician).

We recommend that where possible a written summary of work required will help simplify the quotation process and both you and your electrician will have a clear record of what’s been quoted or agreed so far. There is always additional work that may arise on any project, so again a written confirmation of additions and prices is a strong suggestion at any time.

Written summaries also allow you to:-

  • Easily compare the quotes
  • The Electrician will know exactly what work is required
  • The Electrician will be aware of any special circumstances and instructions in advance and will be able to give advice and options for providing the work you require, especially if there are alternative ways of doing things.
  • Where possible, try to obtain 2 or 3 written quotations and remember, the cheapest quote isn’t always the best deal. As the saying goes, “If it seems too good to be true, then it probably is”

Finally, feel free to ask the Electrician to show you his qualifications and check they are a Registered Electrician by checking the Government Site for the Approved Schemes. Don’t feel embarrassed about asking for this kind of information. If they have nothing to hide, I am sure they will all provide everything you need to see.
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