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Intermittent Extract Fans Range
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Extractor Fans

Intermittent Extract Fans (Ventilation System)

The most affordable and easiest way to extract moisture from a single bathroom

Most intermittent extract fans are typically retro fitted due to limited access, are of 100mm sizing and non-continuous running. These types of fans may come equipped with humidity sensors and overrun timers for better efficiency, however their function is to reduce humidity and unwanted odours from the designated wet room to a minimum. As wet rooms are damp by nature it is essential that ventilation is installed for integrity of the bathroom plus the overall health of its occupants.By having SWES install the correct intermittent extractor fan will help with condensation not forming stopping the growth of mould, and aid the reduction of overall humidity levels in your home.

Intermittent Extract Fans
Intermittent Extract Fans

Where longer ducting runs are necessary for instance an on-suite bathroom centrally located in your home, then naturally stale damp air to be extracted comes under greater pressure/resistance and may affect the performance of your current fan installation.SWES will specify and install the most appropriate extractor fan that will cope with this type of demand whilst minimising unit size and maximising aesthetics.

For maximum aesthetics and performance, then an intermittent inline extract fan may be more suited to the function of your wet room design. Inline fans are normally installed in tall joist cavity’s, boxed runs, dormers or loft spaces and sit centrally within a ducting run.The bathroom will have a ceiling grille/valve extract point whilst the rest of the system is hidden away enabling minimal noise with better performance.

Intermittent Extract Fans
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