Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) Installations

Positive Input Ventilation (PIV)

Our specified Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) low power heated systems are typically installed into a loft or roof space and provide a constant airflow supply of fresh filtered air creating a subtle positive pressure in your home.

Manufactured in the UK, our PIV systems come with summer intelligent power down and winter heated air tempering. All systems brands come with a 2-7 year manufacturer’s parts warranty.

Condensation and Mould on Window

Stop Condensation & Beat Mould!!

When the moisture in your home produced by contaminants, cooking, showering or just simply breathing is cooled to a point that air can no longer hold the moisture, then it will gather as water droplets forming onto the coldest surfaces normally like external walls and windows.

With no natural warmer air flow to disperse cold air and aid the prevention of water droplets forming into condensation, will result in streaming windows and walls leading to dampness and eventually the growth of mould.

PIV the complete ventilation solution?

The PIV method provides no direct extraction from kitchens or wet rooms; air is forced out of your home through leakage points or background ventilators by the created positive pressure.

Fan speeds can be altered to increase/decrease air pressure, however apart from a boost purge option there is little else to control as the PIV will typically run continuously at a set speed. Where wet rooms are not positioned off the supply point (hall, landing or corridor) then additional extract fan options may be required in that room to ensure adequate ventilation.

PIV the complete ventilation solution
help you reduce the triggers of asthma and dust mite allergies

Reduce Asthma & Dust Mite allergy symptoms!

Our PIVs can dramatically reduce dust mite populations by controlling the humidity of the air in your home to at least 45-60% all year round making it harder for dust mites to breed and easier for humans to breathe. Using a SWES Ventilation PIV system will help you reduce the triggers of asthma and dust mite allergies.

Did you know??
The average bed is home to over 10,000 house dust mites (Fact Source: www.allergyuk.org)

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